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A4 Paper is available with most but A4 Thermal Paper is available only with the top manufacturers and suppliers in the market. Though it is available in less quantity, we offer you this packet in the best quality possible, along with affordable prices. It is tear-proof and has a longer life. Having associations with the best manufacturing brands in the world, we do make the best quality Thermal papers available for you. Used in many organisations these days, Thermal papers have a lot to do with the documentation process. 

To explain, thermal paper is a fine quality paper which is nicely coated with a specific material. This allows the paper to change its colour when exposed to heat; this is the reason after it being named as a thermal paper. It is also known as an Audit roll. Please stay assured that the quality is premium. These papers are used with Thermal Printers. If you do not have a thermal printer, you may also use this paper with other machines like cash registers and adding machines; these machines aren’t too expensive and are particularly light in weight. When it comes to this kind of paper, a thermal paper uses heat to get the required print on it whereas an ordinary non-thermal paper uses ink for the printing purpose. 

The surface of the paper is beautifully coated with a solid product- specifically mixture of a dye and a complementary matrix. The texture is seamless and the coating is done in the most proficient way, so that you feel like putting the paper to good use as soon as you receive your order. The paper falls in the supreme quality of A4 papers so you need not worry about the quality. We have innumerable clients and this wide clientele speaks for our proficiency.

Products Descriptions:

1.) Continuous Computer Form is used for office, bank, invoice and documents printing application
2.) Base Paper: woodfree paper(single ply) and IK Plus Copy Paper(multi ply)
3.) Ply: 1-6 ply OEM
4.) Multi-ply image: blue or black
5.) Substance: 48-80gsm for multi ply
6.) Size: 241mm,381mm and OEM available
7.) Packing sheets: 500-2000 sets OEM
8.) Colour: white, pink, yellow, blue, green

Products features:
1.) Professional quality control system
2.) Brand OEM available
3.) Packing box in plain or printed OEM
4.) Single ply and multi ply up to 6 ply at buyer’s option
5.) Standard export packing

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