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Are you looking for a copy paper that won’t cost you a lot of money? If yes, then order Multipurpose copy paper online right now. We are right here for your service. Here at Rikdev Ltd, we offer various products with attractive prices without compromising the quality. We provide superior quality products. The quality of the product is what we look for. Therefore, if you are looking for quality products in your price range, head straightway towards our organization. We won’t disappoint you. We are a distributor of Multipurpose copy paper. Order our products from the convenience of your home and get the quality products delivered. 

One of the best products delivered across the globe is Multipurpose copy paper. If you are looking for an economic copy paper for your family or business, then Multipurpose copy paper is the best option for you. It will eliminate the need for any specialty copy paper for different office photocopying machines so buy Multipurpose copy paper online. It will run all your operations efficiently which will also save your time.

Our Multipurpose copy paper is basically acid-free. Therefore, the sheets won’t fade or turn yellow over time. This copy paper is suitable for everyday use and is compatible with inkjet printers, laser printers, copiers and fax machines. Multipurpose paper is extremely versatile and can be used for creating official documents, contracts, medical forms as well as tax records. The highlight of Multipurpose paper is that it is made with ColourLok technology for bolder colors and it also enables in fast drying.  Per case includes 5,000 sheets. Don’t you think it’s a great deal?     

All of our products are manufactured as per the buyer’s specifications, be it packaging, labeling, display needs and ruling format; you will get all under one roof, so buy Multipurpose copy paper soon.

Why Use Multipurpose Copy Paper?

Multipurpose paper has become an economical option for families and companies. It eliminates the need for specialty paper in different office machines, allowing for efficient operations that initially saves on time and budget. Being generally acid-free, the sheets won’t fade or yellow over time. This white copy paper can be used for creating important documents such as contracts, medical forms and tax records.



  • Letter-size
  • 5,000 total sheets per case
  • Terrific for everyday use in inkjet printers, laser printers, copiers and fax machines
  • ColorLok Technology for bolder colors and faster drying
  • White copy paper is acid-free for archival quality

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