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Rikdev Ltd. is one of the leading distributors of Copimax A4 copy paper. Our motto is to supply the best quality products to satisfy the needs of the customers. We believe in providing the best of service to our customers. Happy and satisfied customers is what we are looking for. Providing incredible service to customers gives us ultimate happiness. We believe that customer is the King and we are here to serve you with the best quality. Without any doubt grab our products because our products are designed to offer excellent performance. Most importantly, quality is one such thing that we never compromise. So, to get the best of products delivered at your doorstep, shop with us and order Copimax A4 copy paper online. 

Copimax A4 copy paper is one of the best quality papers we provide to our customers. It is a multipurpose premium paper which is white and has the opacity of around 95%.  Copimax copy paper renders best results in photocopy machines, inkjet printers, laser printers and fax. It is smooth, clean and bulky. Copimax copy paper has moisture control which makes the sheets stay flat in the copier and enhances the runability. It has low dust content and leaves no jam in photocopy machines. Copimax copy paper prevents doubling and provides good user experience. Improving the print quality, minimizing the running cost of your copier and effective and efficiently double-sided printing are some of its key features. So what are you waiting for? Buy Copimax A4 copy paper now.

If you envision for a high-quality printing, Copimax copy paper is the perfect choice. High-whiteness paper quality enables outstanding clarity and contrast for all graphics and text. Copimax copy paper is the best suitable for all office equipments using the xerographic principle available in the market-established brands.  

-Sheets Sizes: International Standard

A4: 210 x 297mm

A3: 420 x 297mm

8.5 x 11-inch (216 x 279mm)

8.5 x 14-inch (216 x 330mm)

-Quality: Imported 100% Virgin Wood Pulp

-Whiteness = 98%-104%, Natural White

-Capability: High Speed Copying 100 ppm, Laser

-Capable, Inkjet Capable, Fax Capable.

-Thickness: 103-110 um

– Roughness TS ml/min: 75-175

-Opacity: 97%

-Surface roughness BS ml/min: 100-200

-Bending stiffness MD: >110 Mn

-Bending stiffness CD: >50 Mn

-CIE whiteness: 148-169

-Cobb Test: 27-33 g/m2 27-33


– Moisture Control – Makes the sheets stay flat in the copier and enchances runability.
– Low Dust Content – Minimizing Your copier runing cost.
– Good Opacity – Double sided copying of the best quality
– Smoothness – Improving Printing Quality.
– Bulky Sheet – Enhancing smooth runnability

– Photocopier
– Laser Printer
– Fax Machine
– Ink-jet
– Copier
– 2 side copying



Detail of Papel A4 Copimax 80GSM / 75GSM / 70GSM
– Sheet Size:210mm x 297mm/297mm x 420mm International Paper Standards Size(ISO) A4/A3
– Quality: Imported 100% Virgin Wood Pulp
– Whiteness: 102-104%,Natural White
– Grading: A
– Thickness: 106cm
– Capability: High Speed Copying 100ppm, Laser Capable,Inkjet Capable, Fax Capable.

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