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This type of paper is produced during the kraft process using a chemical pulp. Brown Kraft paper is a beautiful piece of cardboard which you may use as an ordinary paper at times and use as per your preference. It has high tear resistant, implies that it cannot be tore apart easily. Also, it has high elasticity. This quality of Brown Kraft paper helps in promoting wide usage of the paper; it does fall under the category of A4 papers.  This paper is used to package products which need a durable cover and speaks for its strength; a brown kraft paper definitely speaks for its strength and durability. 

Other papers are prepared using pulping processes but this paper has an entirely different way of being manufactured and prepared for use. Order A4 paper online and be a happy user of these sheets. Also, we are the best A4 paper manufacturer in USA. With this, we also ensure that our product reaches the masses, that’s why we have made our product available at quite less price. These pricing slabs help us reach the end user comfortably. 
It is very resourceful and can be easily found in most places- be it an organisation or your home. You will definitely have one of these papers at your place. If you don’t then you may get the same ordered from our website as we are A4 paper distributor. This makes us associate with the top manufacturers so that our clients get access to the best; nothing less than the best is acceptable. These sheets that we sell at RIKDEV are not easily available at such economic prices. It helps you breathe your pockets easily. You may now easily go and splurge as office stationery like Brown Kraft paper is sure to decrease its rates. 

Products Descriptions:

We are involved in providing an extensive range of packaging products like Kraft Papers. These papers are produced from wood pulp using Kraft pulping process that converts wood into wood pulp comprising of thick cellulose fibers. The paper made through Kraft technique is available in both sheets and roll forms. The main application of the Kraft Papers is in industrial packaging. The Kraft paper bags, boxes and wrappers are widely used for packaging of light to medium duty products. The Kraft paper bags are offered in different sizes and dimensions as per the specific needs of the packaging industry. Many Kraft paper bags and covers contain attractive printed designs, which fulfill the need of various sectors like interior decoration, gift, event promotion, textiles companies and many more. Hotels and restaurant owners supply their certain food products in Kraft Paper packaging materials. Besides its use in the packaging industry, Kraft Papers are also used in designing of pamphlets, banners and posters for specific brand promotions.

Product Description :
Weight per roll: 500kgs-1200kgs (as per your requirements)
Packing Standard exporting packing, packed in sheets or in rolls 20’FCL 15-17MT 40’FCL 25-28MT loaded

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